Russian Volume (XD) Eyelash Extensions Course

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Russian Volume (XD) Eyelash Extensions Course2019-02-01T14:25:03+00:00

Project Description

Russian Volume eyelash extensions course is the most in demand next treatment of the moment giving any therapist great earning potential.This course will teach you how to create volume lashes as you have never seen before. This layering approach to building lashes into 2D, 3D, 4D, up to 20D effect (simplified as xD) is unrivalled in lash technician application. Your clients will be stunned with eyelashes that display a feather type effect with extreme volume which is not achievable with any other lash application method.

To attend this course students must have a recognized qualification in single semi-permanent lashes as this is an advanced course and your training will not cover basic lash application of single lashes.

As this is an advanced course you will perform the treatment on mannequins not each other in class. (If you are not you can complete the single? classic lash course at the Beauty To You Academy see above course details.)

This is a generic course so the knowledge gained can be applied to any products that you choose to use after training.

This course will cover:-

Health & Safety, client consultation, the benefits of Russian Volume Lashes,

contra-indications and contra-actions, hand making Russian Volume fans, lash styling, techniques for extreme volume, lash weights and calculations.

You must attend this course with a set of fine strip lashes to use in your practical training.