Hot & Warm Waxing

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Project Description

Waxing is an essential skill for any beauty therapist and is the most popular treatment in any salon with clients returning every 4 – 6 weeks for this essential treatment. Hair removal, using wax is one of the most popular and profitable salon treatments. Wax depilation provides a quick and efficient way of clearing small and large areas of unwanted hair. Waxing is particularly popular during the summer months. On this course you will learn how to use both hot and warm wax products. Students will work on each other to practice thses procedures.

No previous experience required to take this waxing course.

This course will cover:-

Waxing procedure for the legs,bikini line, underarms, upper lip and eyebrows. Health, safety & hygiene, consultation techniques, contra-indications, Different types of waxing products, use of hot and warm wax, aftercare advice. This fully accredited course is comprehensive easy to follow and enjoyable. A full course guide will be yours to keep as a complete reference to your course.

This is a generic course so the knowledge gained can be applied to any product system you choose to use after training.