Electric Filing

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Project Description

Students must already hold a recognised acrylic or UV gel nail extensions qualification as it is essential to know the basics prior to learning this advanced system. If you do not already hold a nail extensions qualification this can be completed at Beauty To You.  We would recommend to you that you are proficient with overlays prior to taking on this training.

Electric filing offers nail technicians a safe and effective way to reduce application time, particularly for infill and backfill procedures for experienced nail technician professionals in the industry.
The course will covers:-
Nail preparation, rebalancing, infill procedure, back fill procedure both with reduction and cutting smile line techniques, extension removal.
This fully accredited course is comprehensive easy to follow and enjoyable. A full course guide will be yours to keep as a complete reference.  You will need to attend the course with a full set of Acrylic or UV Gel nails with at least 2 weeks growth. along with your chosen Acrylic or UV Gel system and application brush.  Electric files are availabel for use or you may bring your own file with you for use during training.